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After 24 years in London, Kat returns to Melton where she lived in her teen years. In her time away she spent 13 years in the music industry working and partying hard until 2008 when she burnt out and changed her life.


The last 12 years have been an unfolding of training and clinical practice as a hypnotherapist, a CBT therapist, doula, author, aromatherapist and mindfulness and meditation teacher. She has attracted a large number of clients with general anxiety issues that a combination of all these tools have helped alleviate. 


Author of “Why Hypnobirthing Matters”, Kat has taught hypnobirthing since 2009 and is close to her 1,000th hypno-babe! 

Her passion for learning and exploring different disciplines continues both personally and professionally. Sound healing, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, Buddhism, Menstrual Cycle Awareness, working with the lunar cycle and natures' rhythms - she uses all of these practices in her own life and brings them to the conversation, if appropriate, when working with clients. 

You will find her at The House on a monthly basis, teaching hypnobirthing to small groups, hosting retreat days, sound healing and mindfulness meditation.


Her gong meditation / sound bath sessions at The Shala are always over subscribed. 


You can also contact her for private appointments here at the House.