Late cancellations and no shows

You can book onto any regular class at least a month before it starts and you can cancel up to two hours beforehand without using your class pass or it counting against your membership (for those with monthly limits). If you cancel after this time, we're afraid that you won't be credited. For those on unlimited monthly or annual memberships, failure to cancel your class more than two hours before it starts will result in your membership duration being reduced by one day.


We have this policy so we can offer your space to someone that might be on a waiting list. We want to be able to offer the classes to as many people as possible and late cancellations and no shows prevent us from doing this.

Failure to arrive by the class start time will be treated as a no show and affect your membership as above.

Please note, due to restricted numbers and higher running costs, our special classes must be cancelled 24 hours before the start of the event. Refunds will not be given for cancellations within this window.

Etiquette & Guidelines

Please arrive at least five minutes before the class is due to start so you have time to set up and settle down onto your mat. We're afraid that latecomers won't be admitted. It's unfair to disrupt the other students once we start and it's unsafe to participate in some of our classes without a proper warm up. We also ask that you only attend classes if you're able to stay for their duration, so as not to disturb other members (as well as maintaining our secure area). We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but hope you understand.

Please leave all belongings in the cloakroom so we can free up as much space in the studio as possible. Make sure that your phone is on silent or switched off before class starts and leave it with your other things. The entrance door will be locked as soon as class starts, so your things will be secure in our cloakroom. We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to these though.

We don't ask you to be silent before and after class, but if you notice that someone is trying to grab a quiet five minutes, we'd ask that you respect that and keep your voice to a whisper.


Mobiles are a huge distraction during class, not just for you but for the other students and the teacher too.

Let's keep the outside world outside, just for an hour.