All of our classes (unless stated otherwise) are suitable for everybody. 

Some are more physically challenging than others but modifications will always be offered to suit you and your body, your energy levels etc.


Vinyasa style classes where we flow through yoga postures, usually synchronising the movement with breath.

No set sequence and the style and pace will vary a little from class to class. 

Side effects include increased strength, stamina, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and balance in body and mind. Weight loss, toned muscles, improved coordination and mental focus are common.


Gentle Flow:

Similar to our flow classes above but following a gentler pace.



Incorporating different styles of yoga, including a little flow, a little hatha yoga where we hold postures a bit longer with a touch of restorative, restful yoga also. A perfect balance of movement and stillness that offers a little of everything.

Hatha (+):

A classic Hatha yoga class to prepare you for your week ahead. Each asana (posture) will be held for 5-8 breaths, leading to a more focussed, relaxed mind. Closing with a little mindful meditation to ensure that mind and body achieve the optimum benefits from the practice.



Slowing down and opening the body through more passive stretching.

Though slow, restorative Yoga can be far from easy at times: staying with a pose while keeping the mind calm and steady can be especially challenging in a different way.


Mindfulness & Meditation:

We use different breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress. A stress management technique with side effects including a decrease in emotional reactivity and an increase in cognitive focus.

Beginners Foundation workshops:

An introduction to some fundamentals including how to set up many of the poses that appear frequently in our classes, basic alignment principles and guidance on safe and effective practice. Perfect for those who are newer to yoga or those wanting to delve a little deeper into the shapes and practices.

WARM: < 30º

hot: < 37°

AMBIENT: < 23º