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Nutritional Therapist

Phone: 07751 692514

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Find Jane in the Sargent Room on Saturdays for one to one consultations, plus online and in our workshop space for group courses, talks and workshops.


For the courses that are currently running, see and book below.


Alternatively, book in with Jane for a private and confidential one to one conversation about your health or dietary goals.

Following completion of a questionnaire and food diary plan, the initial 90 minutes together are an exploration of your health history, symptoms and food preferences with a collaborative discussion for amendments and short term plan.


That means you won't be asked to eat something you don't like ... there's usually an alternative!

You may be advised to have a test, to speed up the process and better inform the clinic.


A short term supplement may be recommended - but only with good reason.

A follow up appointment of 30 minutes is valuable to evaluate progress.


Additional follow ups can be arranged to maximise benefits and provide greater support or coaching to reach your goal.

Initial consultation is £70.


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