• Sarah

A gentle little reminder...

Cancelling late, arriving after class has started and not showing up at all...

We get that sometimes plans change, that traffic and other life forces can seem to conspire against us, and at times you need to cancel last minute or you can't get to the class on time. Life is life and that sort of thing happens, it's all gravy.

We do have a policy for such events to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the entire hour. You would have been directed to this when you first signed up and can find it on our website here if you fancy a quick read.

Since the studio opened, we've had almost 300 separate instances of late cancellations and no shows. On many occasions it has meant that someone on a waiting list has missed the opportunity to come to the class.

We want everyone to be able to join in when they can and would be really grateful if you could cancel any bookings that you can't make as soon as you know.

Thanks a million for your help on this.