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New? Nervous? Curious?

We're launching a series of workshops for beginners and those newer to yoga.

Maybe you've never been to a class before and are not sure what to expect. Maybe it's been a while. Maybe you went to a few classes ages ago and just weren't sure...

If you have recently joined our classes or are thinking about it, this could be a perfect way to spend a couple of hours.

Beginners Yoga In Melton Mowbray

All of the teachers at the Yoga Shala are keen to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with you in every class. We aim to lead you through every posture and sequence, offering guidance on safer alignment in order to avoid aches and injuries, and to ensure you get the maximum benefit of each pose and every hour you spend at the studio.

An hour isn't a very long time though and with lots of people with lots of different bodies, injuries, aches and ranges of mobility all joining in, it's impossible to drill down into each shape and movement. The workshops allow us a little more time to spend with you.

We break down lots of the poses we frequently use in our classes in detail, offering both verbal and physical prompts to help you to find and feel the correct alignment for your body, which you can then incorporate into your own practice and classes.

We also spend a little time learning a couple of basic yogic breathing techniques that we use during some of our classes. Breathing techniques can be really useful in helping us to get that something extra from a yoga practice. Physically, they help to keep the muscles fully oxygenated and to cultivate internal heat. They also help us to access the mindfulness and meditative aspects.

We'll finish with an optional sit down, Q & A and general yoga natter, for those that would like to stay a while.

Our first class is on Sunday 5 January 2020, so perfect if you're planning to incorporate some yoga into your life in 2020.

You can book on to this first class here.

You can buy a voucher for your friend to come along here.


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