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Sunday Yoga Brunch

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Ease yourself into Sundays with a yoga class followed by something scrumptiously nutritious to eat.

Bring yourself, bring someone else, maybe catch up with a friend or make some new ones over brunch...

We're hoping to offer this once each month with our first being on 28th July 2019.

Join us for just £20.

The Yoga:

Georgina Smith will be leading you through an hour of Quantum Yoga. She says:

"Quantum yoga is a method of optimising your personal practice. It uses Ayurveda (the Indian science of life) in it’s assessment tools along with vinyasa flow (breath synchronised movement) to transition through dosha regulating sequences.

Central to Ayurveda is the belief that we are born with 3 doshas (body-mind constitutions). We each have all 3 however, in varying distributions which is known as our prakriti (natural characteristics). Sunday’s session will help to balance the Pitta dosha. Pitta has the qualities of fire and a little water. Those individuals that are dominant in Pitta often tend to be passionate, focused and competitive. Therefore we will practice a cooling, soothing and balancing sequence to regulate these fiery tendencies. Each of us has an element of fire within our nature which can be exasperated by hot weather (which I hope that by the end of July we will be experiencing) so even if Pitta is not your dominant dosha you will still benefit from the class.

This flow will be great if you are driven to achieve results however, often forget to enjoy the journey. The way in which our yoga practice can help us to live in the present moment is by focusing the attention and awareness on the transitions between each pose. This exercise demands a higher level of consciousness which will naturally encourage you to slow down and wholly experience the path to freedom and peace."

The Brunch:

Resident chefs Luck & Boo are prepping something scrumptious and nutritious...

Choose from either:

The Triple VLT

The Benedict

The Pancakes

The Very Berry Granola

Add a smoothie and a hot drink. Enjoy!

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