Yoga classes for Individuals or small groups  

Maybe you're new to yoga, perhaps a little apprehensive about joining a group class or maybe you'd like a class that's tailored specifically to your body and your requirements.

This could be a good option for you.

Classes for 1 - 4 people:

We can tailor a yoga class specifically to your goals and needs.


Maybe you're: 

Looking to achieve something in particular?

Wanting to rehabilitate a particular injury or stretch a specific area?

Newer to yoga and you'd like to have a go before trying it out with a group?

Busy and can't get to any of our other classes?

Just looking for a treat with your friends?

We can arrange a one off class or programme of regular classes depending on what you're after.


Classes are usually 1 hour in duration and you can share this time with up to three others. 



Single:  £50.00

Bundle of 5:  £225.00

Bundle of 10:  £425.00

Please get in touch to find out more or to arrange a slot