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BIOMECHANICS Workshop - Part Two - FREE

Will Goodbourn Biomechanist

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Following on from the hugely successful first online Biomechanics and Injury Prevention Workshop, I am now offering part 2! The first workshop explored the importance of building strength within our day to day routines to prevent aches and pains in everyday life and sport and exercise related injuries. This second session will build upon this knowledge by also considering the crucial role of technical development in ensuring optimal running technique to improve performance and reduce common injuries. This workshop is suitable for those who regularly participate in running, or any other activity which involves running in high quantity, such as team sports. This session welcomes people of all abilities. PLEASE NOTE - Although there will be some progression from the first event, you DO NOT need to have attended the first workshop to participate in this session, so please do not let that put you off! *This workshop will take place via Zoom - you do not need to have the programme to attend. You will be emailed the link to access the workshop.

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