Sarah Bailey-Lonsdale

Yoga Teacher, Co-founder

Sarah started to practice yoga because of a long term back issue that she couldn't seem to fix. After a few months, all the back niggles disappeared. Curious as to why, she went on a yoga teacher training course to learn about it all. The rest is kinda history.


Sarah believes that remaining a student is essential to being a good teacher and has trained with various respected teachers and schools in India and Europe over the years. 


Her classes vary from energetic and challenging to more gentle and restorative. All include a degree of subtle mindful work to calm busy brains.

Sarah aims to offer a yoga practice for modern life with clear guidance, safe alignment principles, a little fun and a healthy nod to the origins and traditions of yoga, helping students to journey that little bit deeper into their body, heart, mind and spirit.


Will Bailey-Lonsdale

Yoga Teacher, Co-founder

When Will first found yoga, he was fairly fit but lacked flexibility and wanted to gain a fuller range of motion. He got hooked as he started to notice a variety of benefits both physical and mental. 


Much of Will's yoga experience is in Vinyasa Flow and Hatha yoga. He completed his initial teacher training in Rishikesh, India and continues to grow, learn and play in his own practice and in his teaching.

Will's aim is to enable others to discover their own yoga journey, style and values. We all come into it for different reasons and with different aims. He hopes to be able to draw on his experience to help you discover what it is that yoga can bring to your life. He might also tell you a bad joke or two along the way.


Georgina Smith

Yoga Teacher

George first found yoga in 2011 whilst volunteering in Sri Lanka. On her return to the UK she experimented with a variety of styles to compliment her creative lifestyle before finding the perfect practice that challenged her with juicy backbends and invigorating inversions. George returned to Sri Lanka in 2017 to complete her yoga teacher training with Quantum Yoga founder; Lara Baumann. Following this, she started her teaching career at retreat centres across the island. George believes that retreats can transform guests into better versions of themselves and she is passionate about collaborating with other teachers to offer this opportunity to their students. Now settled in the UK, she teaches classes across Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. She has since been back to Sri Lanka to study under her teacher Lara, receiving the 500 hr Quantum Yoga teacher certification. George’s aim for the future is to continue on the yogic journey and inspire others to follow.


Emma Charlton Kemm

Yoga Teacher

Yoga has been the one constant in Emma's life, not always consistent, but always there. It has been her therapy through complex times in her past and present and is something she can no longer live without in a spiritual, emotional and physical sense. It gives her the confidence she often lacked (and sometimes still does). 
She always wanted to share the beauty and wonder of yoga with others, wishing everyone could feel the benefits of a regular practice.


She finally took the opportunity to train in Hatha, Tantra and Meditation and quickly realised it was her calling. She feels blessed to guide and learn from other beautiful beings on their yoga journey, however that may shape itself.


Yoga for Emma is a light, that allows her to stay grounded, strong, patient and accepting of herself. She is very grateful to be able to pass on some of the yoga magic to others.


"We are all teachers, we are all students"



Holistic Therapist

Katrina changed paths in 2008 exploring many disciplines both personally and professionally. CBT, hypnotherapy, mindfulness & meditation, sound healing, yoga, Menstrual Cycle Awareness, working with the lunar cycle and natures’ rhythms and aromatherapy – she now uses all of these practices in her own life and brings them if appropriate, when working with clients. 


Author of “Why Hypnobirthing Matters”, Katrina has shared the power of hypnobirthing with thousands of people worldwide and is passionate about helping expectant parents welcome their babies calmly and confidently.

In her private practice she specialises in stress-related disorders, anxiety and depression, supporting clients with the many challenges of modern day living.