Yoga Teacher, Co-founder

Sarah Bailey-Lonsdale

Sarah started to practice yoga because of a long term back issue that she couldn't seem to fix. After a few months, all the back niggles disappeared. Curious as to why, she went on a yoga teacher training course to learn about it all. The rest is kinda history.


Sarah believes that remaining a student is essential to being a good teacher and has trained with various respected teachers and schools in India and Europe over the years. 


Her classes vary from energetic and challenging to more gentle and restorative. All include a degree of subtle mindful work to calm busy brains.

Sarah aims to offer a yoga practice for modern life with clear guidance, safe alignment principles, a little fun and a healthy nod to the origins and traditions of yoga, helping students to journey that little bit deeper into their body, heart, mind and spirit.


Yoga Teacher, Co-founder

Will Bailey-Lonsdale

When Will first found yoga, he was fairly fit but lacked flexibility and wanted to gain a fuller range of motion. He got hooked as he started to notice a variety of benefits both physical and mental. 


Much of Will's yoga experience is in Vinyasa Flow and Hatha yoga. He completed his initial teacher training in Rishikesh, India and continues to grow, learn and play in his own practice and in his teaching.

Will's aim is to enable others to discover their own yoga journey, style and values. We all come into it for different reasons and with different aims. He hopes to be able to draw on his experience to help you discover what it is that yoga can bring to your life. He might also tell you a bad joke or two along the way.


Yoga Teacher

Gaia Rossetti

Gaia discovered yoga almost by chance while trying out a class with a friend. She fell in love with it immediately and never left. Wanting to learn more and more about it, she got her Yoga Alliance 200hr qualification.


Gaia is trained in Sun Power Yoga, an eclectic mix of four traditional styles of yoga: Hatha Yoga for philosophy and classical asanas, Iyengar Yoga for alignment and posturing, Sivananda Yoga for subtle mind and breath work and Ashtanga Yoga for heat, flexibility and stamina.


This highly versatile style enables Gaia to adapt postures and sequences to every person in the room. She always starts with a simplified option, then moves to a more classical version and finally, for those who are feeling ambitious, offers a more challenging variation. This way Gaia has successfully designed classes suitable for both her students at Loughborough University and inspiring senior participants in community centers.